SUEDL 2013

The 2nd International workshop on Supporting Users Exploration of Digital Libraries was held at TPDF 2013 in Malta on the 26th September.


The aim of SUEDL is to stimulate discussion and collaboration between experts, practitioners and stakeholders in digital libraries, cultural heritage, human-computer interaction, user evaluation, interactive information retrieval, and NLP, in order to investigate the latest advances in supporting users’ access to and exploration in large-scale and complex digital libraries.


  • Welcome by Paula Goodale from USFD
  • Keynote speech by Ann Blandford (Professor of Human Computer Interaction at UCL) on ‘Exploring the information landscape: the digital library in context”. 
  • Paula Goodale presented a paper on work in PATHS on “supporting information access and sensemaking in Digital Cultural Heritage’
  • Demo of the Cultura Portal by Gary Munnelly
  • Demo paper about the Tony Hillerman Portal: providing content enrichment and digital access to archival manuscripts given by Kevin Comerford
  • A paper by Theo van Veen and Michel Koppelaar, ‘Doing more with named entitites: turning text into a linked data hub’
  • Mark Hall presented a joint paper written with Arantxa Otegi on ‘Implementing recommendations in the PATHS system’
  • Pierluigi Feliciati ‘From Access to Use: Premises for a user-quality centered model for the development of archives online’
  • Demo of the “Sound of the Netherlands: towards a pan European collection of sounds” given by Lizzy Komen
  • Demo of eCultureMap given by Franc Zakrajak
  • A paper by Sergiu Gordea ‘An image similarity search for European Digital Library and beyond’
  • Demo of a ‘research environment for exploring oral history collections’ was presented by Max Kemman
  • Panel discussion on “Supporting Users’ Explorations of Digital Libraries: priorities and future directions"

For more information on the workshop see:


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