PATHS has developed two prototypes of our proposed system for demonstrations and testing by end users, cultural institutions and others. The first was evaluated by users over the summer of 2012 and led to the development of the second prototype, this uses part of the collection of Europeana.

We would like to hear your feedback on these demonstrators!  Please complete the PATHS Project User Evaluation survey  - the feedback you give will contribute to future development of personal access to digital cultural heritage resources.

Paths Prototype 2

About the PATHS prototype

Digitisation of the cultural heritage in recent years means that a significant amount of material is now available through online digital library portals such as Europeana.  The quantity of material that is available and limitations in the available metadata can make exploration and discovery of content difficult for end-users. The PATHS project, with funding from the European Commission’s FP7 programme, is exploring ways of extending and enriching the metadata that is available to offer end users with alternatives to standard search portals as the means of item discovery and exploration.

Our aim has been to demonstrate a collection discovery environment for users which combines search, narrative Pathway and visualisation techniques in an integrated system. The current prototype is based on user requirements gathered early in the project and represents the core part of a flexible and adaptable system which will be developed further in the next stage of this project following evaluation and testing. PATHS offers two main ways into collections:

  • PATHS – enable users to follow Pathways (or narratives) published by users. Users can follow a Path from beginning to end or they can leave the path at any time by following recommendations and links. Users who are logged in to the system can save items to their workspace and then create, edit, publish and share Pathways.
  • EXPLORE - enables users to explore the collections using tools which are being designed to appeal to different user preferences. Exploration can be done using a Map, Thesaurus or tags.

It is also possible to SEARCH, and the system supports discovery of both collection items and Paths through keyword search.

The PATHS prototype incorporates data which have been provided to the project for test purposes by Europeana.  The Europeana demonstrator includes around 2 million content items from Spain and the UK.  The metadata which was provided has been processed and augmented with additional indexing and linkages before being integrated into the prototypeapplication.

More information about the development of the prototype is available from:

Terms and conditions of use  are available on http://www.paths-project/eng/Resources

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