PATHS SUEDL Workshop - Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for the The 2nd International Workshop on Supporting Users Exploration of Digital Libraries  is now open.

The aim of SUEDL is to stimulate discussion and collaboration between experts, practitioners and stakeholders in digital libraries, cultural heritage, human-computer interaction, user evaluation, interactive information retrieval, and NLP, in order to investigate the latest advances in supporting users’ access to and exploration in large-scale and complex digital libraries.

Expected outcomes of the workshop are as follows:

  • An overview of relevant work in this rapidly changing area
  • An understanding of challenges and opportunities for exploration and discovery in cultural heritage and related digital libraries, from the different perspectives of users, experts and practitioners
  • Discussion of how these challenges and opportunities can be addressed
  • Demonstrations of systems providing novel solutions
  • Generation of ideas and collaborations for future work in this
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