This issue of the newsletter is released as the PATHS project draws to a close.  Throughout the three years of the project PATHS has researched, developed and evaluated techniques to improve the presentation of digital library content to end users.  The team have worked to develop understanding of user profiles, needs and requirements and to bring this user focus into the development cycle.

One of the major achievements of the Paths project has been to demonstrate the practical benefits and technical feasibility of enriching the metadata for cultural heritage collections as a means of improving content retrieval, supporting innovative discovery and exploitation.  This addresses a critical issue for cultural heritage institutions across Europe who hold vast quantities of quality content in digital libraries that are currently never found unless explicitly sought. Positive feedback from users involved in the evaluation of the PATHS prototypes confirmed that the project achieved its objective of developing tools that add value to digital libraries and enrich user experiences. The interactivity offered by PATHS tools and the potential for expert and non-expert users to use content to create narratives, tell stories and make personal collections has the potential to have real impact on the development of the next generation of cultural heritage services.

In this seventh edition of the PATHS Newsletter, Jill Griffiths (MDR) reports on the second evaluation of PATHS and the major findings. Paula Goodale (USFD) attended the ENRICH Workshop in Dublin where she demonstrated the second prototype and encountered the Cultura project which has some overlaps with PATHS. We also have an interview with Runar Bergheim (Avinet) about the market study conducted for the project. Finally, as PATHS moves into the final months, the field trials are finishing and the results of these will be published on the website over the next month or two. 

This issue of the PATHS newsletter is released at the start of an exciting phase for the PATHS project.  The second prototype of the PATHS system has just been released for evaluation and a series of demonstrations and field trials will be taking place over the summer and autumn.  Members of the project team will be presenting the project's results at a series of conferences and events - including the SUEDL workshop which is being held at TPDL 2013 in Malta in September. 

The rise of digital resources means that more information is available in electronic format than ever before but the sheer volume of accessible data can often be overwhelming. It is often difficult for the user to what information is available or where to start looking. The vision of the PATHS project is to provide access to information in large collections in an intuitive and user friendly way. This is achieved by providing paths through collections which guide users to where they want to go.

The PATHS project is creating a system that acts as an interactive personalised tour guide through existing digital library collections. By developing technologies and services based on natural language processing techniques, PATHS aims to offer users navigation through digital library collections which are based around the metaphor of a path. This summer the first prototype of the PATHS system was released for demonstration and evaluation by user groups.

PATHS project begins its second year.

The activities of the first year of the PATHS project were sucessfully demonstrated to the European Commission and its reviewers at a meeting in London in January.  The project was considered to be making good progress and work is now underway to develop the first PATHS prototype which will be released later this spring. The prototype will be demonstrated by members of the PATHS team at a series of national and international events during 2012.  We look forwards to seeing you at these events and to hearing your feedback on PATHS developments. 

The PATHS project team has been busy!

Since the last issue of the newsletter the team have been analysing user requirements analysis as the basis for defining the functional specification and system architecture for PATHS. Team members have presented the project at a number of events and took part in a recent Europeana Hackathon in Vienna winning third prize for their efforts!

Welcome to the first Newsletter from the PATHS project.

PATHS is a 3-year project that started on the 1stJanuary 2011 and is co-funded by the European Commission’s FP7 Programme,ICT-2009.4.1: Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation. It is coordinated by University of Sheffield (UK) with MDR Partners (UK) and other 4 partners from 4 European countries. 

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