• PATHS partner profile: i-Sieve technologies

    27 Mar 12

    i-sieve  technologies  is a spin-off company of the National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) "Demokritos" in Athens, Greece.

    It was founded in late 2004 by four eminent researchers from NCSR “Demokritos. It is a private company fully owned by the four founding researchers and has been vested with full IPRs from the Centre and its founders. 

  • Interview with Andrea de Polo on his trip to 2012 International CES

    27 Mar 12

    We interviewed Andrea de Polo, from the PATHS Consortium,  before and after his trip to the January 2012 CES, PMA and DIMA events in Las Vegas (USA) about his thoughts and participation in the event.

  • Annual report 2011-12

    7 Feb 12

    PATHS has published its first annual report which describes activities in the first year of the project.

  • Review of TrailMeme

    11 Nov 11

    As part of the PATHS development process we wanted to identify what types of systems there are available that might be part of the same user landscape. Specifically we wanted to review systems that enable some form of ‘path-creation’ activity, a core feature of the proposed PATHS system.

  • EuropeanaTech Hackathon: Interview with Mark Hall, University of Sheffield

    11 Nov 11

    We interviewed PATHS team member Mark Hall before and after his visit to the October 2011 Hackathon at the EuropeanaTech conference in Vienna about his thoughts and involvement in the event.

  • Linguistic Processing in PATHS

    11 Nov 11

    The University of the Basque Country in Work Package "Content Processing and Enrichment" has carried out linguistics processing of item records in Europeana and Alinari collections. 

  • User Requirement Analysis and Functional Specifications

    11 Nov 11

    Work on the user requirements for the first PATHS prototype was completed in June 2011, and reported in D1.1 User Requirements Analysis.

    As PATHS is intended to open up new possibilities for user engagement with cultural heritage collections, we needed to fully understand our potential users, their information behaviour traits and the tasks in which they use cultural heritage materials.

  • Wikiana: 3rd Place at Europeana Hackathon

    4 Nov 11

    PATHS team members Oier Lopez de Lacalle, Mark Hall and Aitor Soroa spent their time at the Europeana Hackathon  building Wikiana, winning third place for their efforts.

  • New Article: Personalizing Access using Pathways

    25 Jan 11

    A pre-print of an article to be published in PATCH 2011. The paper discusses mechanisms for personalizing access to cultural heritage collections and suggests that paths or trails are a flexible and powerful model for this and could link with existing models of cognitive information behaviour. 

  • PATHS Project Starts

    1 Jan 11

    A kick-off meeting in Sheffield on the 10th -11th January, 2011 will launch the start of the PATHS project, a new project funded under the European Commission Seventh Framework, ICT-2009.4.1: Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation. 

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