• Registrations for SUEDL

    31 Aug 12
  • Partners’ meeting in San Sebastian

    30 Jul 12

    On July 5 and 6, the PATHS partners met in San Sebastian to review progress with the project.  A major topic for discussion was the release of the first PATHS prototype system for testing and evaluation by end-users. 

  • First PATHS prototype launched

    30 Jul 12

    The first PATHS prototype is now online and provides access to more than two million enriched and inter-linked content items from: the Culture Grid collection in the United Kingdom; the Hispana and Cervantes collections in Spain. The content has been contributed to the PATHS project by the Europeana Foundation.

  • User-Centred Lab Evaluations for the First PATHS Prototype

    30 Jul 12

    As part of an extensive user evaluation work package, the PATHS team at the University of Sheffield Information School are currently conducting a series of lab-based evaluations with users from 4 main categories; general public, students, academic researchers and cultural heritage experts. This exercise is part of a user-centred approach to evaluation that draws upon the interactive information retrieval paradigm, and focuses on evaluating users carrying out both search and browsing activities, and broader work-based tasks. The idea is to simulate a real-life environment, but with the ability to control the parameters that are being tested.

  • User demonstrations underway for the first PATHS Prototype!

    30 Jul 12

    Demonstrations of the first PATHS prototype to real potential users are now underway, with groups meeting in Spain, the UK and Italy. PATHS partners The University of the Basque Country, MDR Partners and Alinari 24 ORE have all kicked off this strand of evaluation activity with three successful groups, and more are planned in Italy and the UK over the summer. This work complements the lab-based evaluations undertaken by the PATHS team at the University of Sheffield Information School.

  • Europeana Hackathon

    30 Jul 12

    Mark Hall, a member of the University of Sheffield’s PATHS project team, recently participated in the Europeana Hackathon  in Leuven, Belgium, where he won the “Innovation” prize for his contribution called “Storyana”. 

  • Partner’s profile: The University of Sheffield

    30 Jul 12

    Two academic departments at the University of Sheffield (USFD) are participating in PATHS: the Information Retrieval (IR) Group (School of Information) and the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Group (Department of Computer Science). Together these form one of the largest language technology and information science clusters in the EU with approximately 70 researchers, including six professors, one reader, two senior lecturers and three lecturers, together with dedicated administrative and support staff.

  • SUEDL - Supporting Users’ Exploration of Digital Libraries

    30 Jul 12

    On the 27th September, as a part of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries in Cyprus, an International Workshop on Supporting Users’ Exploration of Digital Libraries will be held.

  • Call for Papers: Supporting Users' Exploration of Digital Libraries

    24 May 12

    The PATHS International Workshop on Supporting Users’ Exploration of Digital Libraries (to be held on September 27 as part of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries ) has opened its Call for Papers.

  • The digital generation goes mobile

    27 Mar 12

    Abstract:  Professor David Nicholas, Dr. David Clark and Professor Ian Rowlands (CIBER Research Ltd.) have published on September 2011 the ‘Culture on-the-Go’  report about Europeana usage. The report investigates about user’s behaviours and in particular about mobile access  to Europeana resources. The ‘Culture on-the-Go’  analyses the Europeana access and navigation logs and explores how Europeana is used by online visitors. The report addresses to questions such as: How is changing user’s access to information (and thus to Europeana resources) and content fruition? How Europena can improve its services and interfaces to best serve its users? 

    This article explores the report main aspects and evidences some relevant considerations which may support PATHS project activities.

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