• Investigating the information-seeking behaviour of genealogists and family historians

    7 May 13

    A new paper from University of Sheffield's Paul Darby & Paul Clough examines the research phases of an individual seeking to investigate their family history.

  • New developments in audiovisual libraries!

    7 May 13

    The AXES project explores audiovisual content from three different axes: users , content  and technology .

  • Interview with Jill Griffiths

    7 May 13

    Hi Jill, thanks for taking part in this interview. To start with; what do you do, and what is your involvement with the PATHS Project?

    I'm Jill Griffiths, I am a Consultant with MDR Partners and I lead the work on evaluation of PATHS. This involves coordinating the project Partner's evaluation activities. We do a lot of evaluation to ensure we develop PATHS in a way that will be useful to the whole of the cultural heritage community, and this inlcudes demonstrating and discussing PATHS with users (from cultural heritage organisations and from the general public), undertaking laboratory work with volunteers (undertaken by our partners at the University of Sheffield) and technical testing by our development partners.

  • Comparing taxonomies for organising collections of documents

    1 Feb 13

    Presented at The 24th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2012), the Comparing taxonomies for organising collections of documents paper by PATHS team members Samuel Fernando, Mark Hall, Eneko Agirre, Aitor Soroa, Paul Clough and Mark Stevenson evaluates and compares a number of manual and automatic taxonomies applied to cultural heritage collections.

  • What's planned for PATHS in 2013

    7 Dec 12

    2012 has been a busy year for PATHS, with several key milestones being reached, most notably the release of the first prototype system and the completion of an extensive evaluation. Looking forward to 2013 we are continuing this level of activity and have a lot of exciting work planned.

  • Participation by PATHS partners in Cultural Heritage in CLEF (CHiC)

    28 Nov 12

    Members of the PATHS project from Sheffield and the Basque Country Universities participated in a pilot evaluation task run at the 2012 Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) called Cultural Heritage in CLEF  (CHiC). This evaluation task is focused on developing systematic evaluation of cultural heritage digital libraries based on content provided by Europeana.

  • PATHS Project Update - November 2012

    28 Nov 12

    The rise of digital resources means that more information is available in electronic format than ever before but the sheer volume of accessible data can often be overwhelming. It is often difficult for the user to what information is available or where to start looking. The vision of the PATHS project is to provide access to information in large collections in an intuitive and user friendly way. This is achieved by providing paths through collections which guide users to where they want to go.

  • Paper: Clustering for Organising Digital Collections

    28 Nov 12

    Presented at TPDL 2012, and authored by PATHS team members Mark Hall, Paul Clough and Mark Stevenson of Sheffield University, this paper covers a novel approach to classifying items in digital library collections.

  • Applying NLP techniques to enrich PATHS data

    28 Nov 12

    The PATHS project has applied a range of techniques from Natural Language Processing to enrich the collections used in the PATHS prototype and provide information that supports exploration.

  • Workshop report

    8 Oct 12

    More than 20 participants came together to discuss ways of Supporting Users' Exploration of Digital Libraries at an international workshop (SUEDL) which was held as part of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL) in Cyprus on September 27.

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