• Open Culture app

    24 Jan 14
    Europeana logo

    This week, Europeana released the second version of the Europeana Open Culture app. It’s now available for all Android and Apple tablets and has a new design, new collections and added functionality, including the ability to download the images to use in your own projects. It’s also now available in 7 languages.

  • Apps for Europe

    21 Jan 14

    The Apps for Europe competition is looking for the best new apps across Europe that use open data and that can be scaled into viable businesses.

  • Prize winner

    20 Dec 13
    Picture of Giovanna Fregni with Mark Stevenson

    Giovanna Fregni with Dr. Mark Stevenson being awarded the prize for her contribution to the PATHS field trials

    We have recently completed our evaluation of the final PATHS prototype, and we are delighted to announce that Giovanna Fregni won the Kindle Fire prize for her contribution to the field trials.

  • Call for Proposals - PATCH’2014

    17 Dec 13

    PATCH'2014 - The Future of Experiencing  Cultural Heritage, Haifa, Israel. February 24, 201

  • Web Service prototype

    17 Dec 13

    The PATHS project has developed a web service prototype which allows independent content providers to enrich their cultural heritage items one-by-one.

  • PATHS report on semantic enrichment

    9 Dec 13

    A new report released by PATHS summarises the semantic enrichment techniques developed in the project with particular reference to their application to the Europeana data.

  • Interview with Runar Bergheim of Avinet on the PATHS Market Study

    6 Dec 13

    Sheena Bassett interviewed Runar Bergheim, CEO of Avinet, Norway, about the market Study undertaken for PATHS.

  • Call for papers

    4 Dec 13

    During the past few years, libraries have started experimenting with Linked Data technologies: releasing open data in RDF, merging and aggregating datasets, creating prototypes, proofs of concepts and new applications for their end users, providing data services for developers inside and outside the library domain.  Call for papers closes March 8 2014.

  • Digital Collection Contexts workshop

    4 Dec 13

    Registration is now open for a full-day workshop that examines conceptual and practical aspects of collections and the context they provide in the digital environment, especially in large-scale cultural heritage aggregations.  Digital Collection Contexts: Intellectual and Organizational Functions at Scale @ iConference, Berlin, March 4th 2014.

  • Clustering Cultural Heritage Objects using Linked Data

    29 Nov 13

    The ICT.OPEN 2013 Conference has just taken place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This event is focussed upon ICT research and featured an interesting presentation from Chris Dijkshoorn of VU, Amsterdam entitled "Clustering Cultural Heritage Objects using Linked Data".

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